Janet Pellegrini

Janet in Trogir, Croatia

Charlie Pellegrini

Charlie in Venice, Italy.

Janet & Charlie Pellegrini have redeveloped their restaurants banquet rooms next to the Benedum Theater in Downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. They wanted to provide a very upscale, and elegant accommodation right in the action of the theater district in Downtown Pittsburgh for some very special residents. The convenience & star power of the area makes it a special place for anyone excited about being right in the action, and also able to get away from it all with a few steps to their own space. Luxury, sophisticated, convenient, newest. Contact us at 412-943-7660 and we would be happy to show you your new home in Pittsburgh’s Theater District.
Janet & Charlie Pellegrini are fans and supporters of the Cultural Trust and the arts. They have contributed to many organizations, and schools to help promote their programs. The largest contribution ever was to PBS in a production for Chris Fenimore of QED called Steel City Chefs.

Your Hosts…Janet and Charlie

Janet & Charlie have been property managers for over 10 years. Janet is a Speaker, Lector and Choir member in her church. She is a partner in real estate development for the Starloft. Janet is a Kung Fu Martial Artist, is a former member of the xylophone company “The All City Bell Aires” and played the flute in the Marching Band while attending St. Francis Academy. Janet met her husband when he was a drummer in her Majorette Company, the Twirl-a-tons and again in South Catholic Marching Band. They didn’t date at the time, but re-met ten years after graduation. Janet left her career as a Medical Lab Technician at Critical Care Lab to marry and raise a family.
Janet and Charlie developed and personally manage the star lofts together now. They have two adult children whom they closely mentor, and advise. They are a skilled business family and have extensive knowledge in investing in business and real estate for profits. They are still making beautiful music together.
Charlie worked as a management trainee in the Power & Fuel division, at the Homestead Works of United States Steel. Also worked at United Engineering (Wean United) who were mill designers for steel mills. Charlie is a lifelong learner, and both Janet and Charlie have been mentored by some of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh.
Janet and Charlie enjoy building these beautiful lofts, so that the residents of the star lofts have an exciting, and excellent experience living in their elegant loft our residents call home.

Janet Pellegrini wrote Chapter 15 of You Can Overcome Anything: With Courage

Each of her 16 colleagues wrote about the courage it took to navigate our lives.
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Janet also appeared on Shaping Opinion:

Charlie was asked to be a book endorser for On the Rocks: The Primadonna Story, written by Maria Palmer and Ruthie Robbins.


“Joe is a genius in the restaurant industry. What he did for his restaurant was totally innovative. At the time, people really didn’t understand what he was doing, but that was part of the beauty. He was packed every day open until close just by his marketing concepts.” -Charlie Pellegrini, Owner/Manager of F. Tambellini Restaurant, Pittsburgh, PA

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