Jerry Seinfeld….Test your Seinfeld Knowlege! (with this quick quiz)

1. Seinfeld’s first joke on “The Tonight Show” was about:

a) Airline food

b) Dogs

c) Weather reports

d) A Johnny Carson impersonation

2. His stand-up comedy can be described as:

a) Rude, crude and lewd

b) Political satire

c) Observational humor

d) Intellectual absurdism

3. Seinfeld graduated from the City University of New York with a degree in:

a) Advertising and sales

b) Communications and theater

c) Philosophy and nothingness

d) Law and order

4. In the 1980s, Seinfeld co-created a TV show with:

a) His mailman

b) His former girlfriend

c) A team of hack writers

d) Fellow comedian and friend, Larry David

5. The original title of the TV show was:

a) “Friends, Not So Much”

b) “The Seinfeld Chronicles”

c) “Nothing, Nothing and More Nothing”

d) “Who Took My Parking Spot?”

6. Seinfeld’s current Web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” has featured:

a) Don Rickles

b) All the “Seinfeld” principles

c) Garry Shandling, not long before his death

d) All of the above

7. Larry David’s post-“Seinfeld” show is called:

a) “I’m Not George!”

b) “Me and My Celebrity Jerk Friends”

c) “I’m Not Bernie Sanders, Either!”

d) “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

8. In the intro to his 1998 HBO comedy special, Seinfeld is shown burying:

a) His rivals

b) His ex-girlfriends

c) His old jokes

d) His acting career

9. Despite being a near-billionaire, Seinfeld continues to do live comedy because:

a) Gets him out of the house

b) He’s pretty bad at everything else

c) He loves comedy

d) All of the above

10. The real-life Kenny Kramer once ran for mayor of New York City and:

a) Was jailed for impersonating a politician

b) Was elected and continues to serve

c) Finished seventh

d) Is rumored to be the inspiration for Donald Trump

Answers: 1) c; 2) c; 3) b; 4) d; 5) b; 6) d; 7) d; 8) c; 9) d; 10) c

9-10 correct: Master of the Seinfeld domain

6-8 correct: You are so good looking

5 right, 5 wrong: Even Steven

2-4 correct: No A for you!

0-1 correct: Hello, Newman …

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